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Works smooth

Very good

Amazind app


Amigável e veloz.

Great app

Super helpful


I just have one word Awesome

Good app

Amazing app

Good app

Best ever

Oh yeah

Works great

Perfect getaways

Every booking has been amazing.

Search criteria doesn’t work

Trying to locate properties where we can bring our pets and I click the pet option and get results that then say no pets allowed. Frustrating and time consuming which makes app not useable if the sorting features not accurate.

Cozy cabin

We have been thinking about retiring in a tiny home, this was a great test and it passed with flying colors! It Was cozy and comfortable. We would definitely stay here again. Thanks so much for the great stay!


Love it!

Love the app

Easy to navigate, love the ability to check dates and book through app.

Was once a great app, not now

Use this app for trips approximately 6 times a year. Have loved this app for years. With the last update, it was supposed to eliminate bugs. Unfortunately, the app was made worse. We frequently travel with pets. The filter hasn’t worked in over a week. I don’t know anyone who has the time to view over 1000 available properties, only to find several hundred allow dogs. It is a huge waste of time. Until that is fixed, I will be using other apps and sites.


South Haven, MI - Torch Lake, MI - HILTON HEAD ISLAND (x2) - SANTA FE, NM - SAN DIEGO, CA. = 6 successful vacations through VRBO. The search takes time and patience because there are hundreds of choices. I can’t plan a trip in one hour. It takes me up to three days. Figure your budget by what a nice motel would cost for the same # of days including taxes. Use the VRBO “Filters” and read the reviews. Fill in the “hearts” for your favorites. You can thank me later.

Doesn’t save favorites

I spent 4 hours searching for a place Saved several in my favorites. Log in2 days later and the file is empty. What a joke


I love the HomeAway app. I use this for all my big vacations. I haven’t been let down yet.

The best

Even when it’s raining. Sit down dinners, gas fireplace on a chilly night. Great just playing games and relaxing with friends!!!! Now imagine the sun shining and you’ve got it all!!!

Booking policies

I don’t like that I have to enter my credit card information in order to be able to ask host a question about their property.

Pets filter not working

Filtered to include Pets in rentals. Spent a long time reviewing results and all that I contacted said they do not allow pets.

Needs to improve Pronto!

There are things I like about the app, like saving my favorites, but I want to be able to delete the properties I don't want anymore or the messages in the inbox. I asked a question on one property and next thing I know is that the owner is requesting payment and it shows in My Trips even though I have not booked it. Need to improve ASAP

Always Delivers

HomeAway is the first app I reach out to when trying to book a home away from home. It continues to deliver the best properties.

Excellent App

We’ve used Home Away several times and never had any problems. The accommodations have always been as expected, if not better!

Fake Listings

Home Away is endorsing fake listings for research. Complete waste of of my time.

Absolutely spectacular!

We were blown away when we walked into this beautifully appointed guest home. There was nothing lacking and everything was pristine, new, and of highest quality. Joerg was an outstanding host and was gracious about letting us stay another night. We certainly hope to be back. Plenty of room for privacy and to stretch out with 3 full bedrooms and baths. The hot tub and sauna are in the guest house, although the salt water pool is part of the main house. Property is less than a mile from a wonderful breakfast and lunch cafe, although the refrigerator and pantry were full of breakfast supplies had we chosen to make it. There was both an Expresso and a coffee maker. Just cannot say enough good things about this wonderful place.

Pet Filters

Pet filters dog work, I have to click on each property to find pet info.

Use all the time so easy and have found the best properties

I use VRBO/Home Away all the time. Have booked rentals in Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, upstate NY, LBI and Manahawkin which is our summer getaway location! It’s so easy to use and the reviews are so helpful. I have yet to be disappointed.

Easy to book

This app makes viewing and booking properties very easy!

No response

Is it common to go through all of the steps and set up payment only to never here back from the property owner? Not cool.

All reviews don’t display in app. Only top ranked and most recent. Also can’t vote on reviews in app

There is no way to scroll down in the app to read ALL reviews. You have to go on a pc to the vrbo site to see all the reviews. This is a critical feature that is needed because not everyone has a pc and depends on the app. Very important review information is not seen and this is supposed to be one of the features that’s makes your site appealing. Also you can’t vote on helpfulness in the HomeAway app like you can on the vrbo website. This too is very important as owners can upvote good reviews by using other email addresses to push the good ones to the top. This is what is first seen when you go to reviews in the app. Again another reason why expoaing all reviews in the app is critical. We now have to pay a fee just to book with the site. So it’s time to start delivering features that allow a traveler to make the best informed decision. At some point not exposing all the reviews in the app is likely going to result in liability to homeaway if a decision is made on a property that had the information in a review that homeaway didn’t expose.

Renter can’t review property after 2 weeks

VRBO would not allow me to review a property after two weeks from the end of the vacation. This means a lot of people will be unable to accurately review a property if they’re otherwise traveling. I will use Expedia next time. My review for the property was going to be great.


Very happy using this app!

Can’t book

App will not book. Keeps telling me to try again later


This apparently is a scam site! I booked a property got a confirmation email and 3 days later i got an email saying this property only did Saturday to Saturday. I searched more and found another one. It gave me instant confirmation. They took my payment of $2400. Got an email 2 days later they canceled yet again. I called to see what’s going on because the money was already taken out. The representative said she couldn’t help me I would have to call back in a few hours to talk to someone else. I asked if they could call me back and no they don’t do that. So now they have already taken my money, we have no where to stay and now I doubt they will have anything available. I would NEVER book from here again!

Nick Sterling

As a whole I enjoy HomeAway and vrbo BUT as possible renters there should be an option to report idiots like Nick Sterling in Bogotá, Colombia for whom we submit reservations repeatedly and they never respond or accept. HOMEAWAY drop Nick Sterling’s property (ies) from your site!!!

Crash city

App crashes frequently tries to force you to buy things you don’t want garbage.

Quick and Easy.

Love this app. It’s the fastest way to find what your looking for.

Great experience

The site provides us with excellent reviews and is organized very well. I am not that savvy with new technology and I still felt comfortable in making my selection and trusting the booking process. Thank You. 😍

Low ball advertisement

Did search for no higher than 700 night the place came up for $500 night then when booking it changed to like $9600 for 7 days. Not good


Me gusta

Nothing intuitive about this site...

If you have enough patience, you will eventually find your way. If you leave the page and not book immediately, you will find yourself having to resubmit all the required information before reaching your goal. Tedious. After spending hours to book a simple 4 day rental, I realized I need a vacation... I considered leaving no stars, but gave them one only because they have some great properties.

420 Mountain Air-Franklin

An absolutely perfect place to relax and enjoy quiet time. The property is very clean and modern/rustic. Bathrooms are new and all amenities are there, towels, travel size shampoo etc and all cooking utensils (even though we didn’t use any). Would highly recommend this as a great place to stay....

Best app for booking vacation homes

I use a number of travel apps and this one is my favorite. It’s very easy to use and I love that it saves my preferences so I don’t have to enter them every single time I start a new search. It’s also nice that you can search by a general area (ie Florida Panhandle), which is not something I’ve found on other popular apps.

Bait and switch

My wife and I, both in our 70’s, bit on a $200 per night apt., all fees included, for three nights and then awaited confirmation from the owner. An hour later an email from the owner said, sorry, but another $500 security fee would necessary. We declined, and received a quick reply offering to drop the security fee. We are definitely NOT interested. Also, this review is the only way I found to let Home Away know what happened. Their customer service is not transparent. I had a good experience with Home Away a few years ago, so I am hoping they can return to functionality.

Pay screen

Seems to be a rush to collect a payment. I needed more info, but it took me three visits to this property before I found a screen that would simply allow me to ask a question. VERY annoying.

Best app I’ve ever used

This may be the best app I’ve ever used. The filters work flawlessly, give all the right options, getting a rental was quick and easy, no unnecessary steps. Great experience!

Not allowing booking

Continuously tried booking on-line; server must be down. Customer service # not answering either. Painful experience

Property Details

It would be helpful if property details were still available for viewing after the property is booked. When I click the property details link it says “The property is unavailable. We’ve removed this property at the owner’s request.”

Inaccurate prices

Why aren’t the actual prices per night listed ?

Easy to use vacation rental app

I put through my reservation quickly and easily. Many thanks!

Apple Pay

Apple Pay not working. I called my bank everything was good on there side but not processing on theirs

Ladies of the Lord

We are trying to find a big enough cabin with no luck. Praying for one to be available for us.

HomeAway app

I have had to submit request 3 times because your site was not working correctly. Very frustrating for the owner and myself.

Simplicity is my style!!!

So easy and reliable!!!

The App is great, customer service call in not so much

I tried to reserve a place online and began having issues every time I went to hit “book now”. I then proceeded to call the number that was listed on the webpage. After 20 minutes of talking to 2 different people and not even getting past spelling my name 8 different times, I hung up. Jumped on the app on my phone and had the place booked in less than 3 minutes. Guess technology really wins here.

Home Away

Home away has never failed me

Renters minimum age

Love the convenience of being able to rent homes through an app did not like that minimum age requirement was not posted on our main page for renters.


We have stayed at 5 homes now and have been pleased with each home. There is not one complaint about any of the homes. The owners have been great!

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