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Works smooth

Very good

Amazind app


Amigável e veloz.

Great app

Super helpful


I just have one word Awesome

Good app

Amazing app

Good app

Best ever

Oh yeah

Works great

Great App

Have used this app several times, it's great. Great for planning a vacation or just spur of the moment rentals too!! Love the app & website!

Extra charges after booking

They have extra charges after I booked my trip already they charged me 83,87 for some international fee which is supposed to be on receiver part not my part and they never mentioned this when I booked my trip. Such a fraud company I would never use this company for my vacation again.

Not working

We use this app every time we plan to travel and lately I have tried several times to use this app for different locations/dates and it won’t give the information. Today it wouldn’t give the price for the stay and now it says “please give all information and try again” when you tell how many adults and children. Please fix this as soon as possible so we can continue using. Thanks!

Great app

Enjoy this app. Easy to use. Great for weekend bookings.

Mini Vacation

I used this app before and it was amazing.


We tried renting a home through homeaway on our one family vacation this year. We showed up to an absolute DUMP! Abandoned property. No air conditioning. Broken down boats and lawnmowers all over the yard. Grass 5 feet tall. An utter misrepresentation. 3 MONTHS LATER...we are still fighting for our refund even though the owner cancelled our reservation after we complained that we would not stay in such a hole. Our vacation was RUINED and we still are out close to $2,000!!!! Never EVER again.


We are unable to contact the owner of the flat that we rented in Paris France. Plus we are unable to get into the flat after arrival in Paris. In doing live chat I keep getting the same response from home away and it’s incorrect I would like a live person to speak with at home away

CA trip

Good info., and easy to use.

Riverstone Resort Pigeon Forge TN

Always book through HomeAway. No hassle and always well pleased. Book with confidence.

Home away vacations

I have been using HomeAway for 10 years and it has not failed me yet. Thank you

Chris prices

Noticed prices run a little higher for same cabins on home away app than on competitors app airb&b. But certain cabins aren’t on both apps

Not happy with error message when using Discover

For the second booking in a row in 2 days, I had to use my less preferred VISA credit card to pay for my booking due to an error message your system gave me when trying to use my Discover Card. Discover Card is supposed to be accepted by VRBO and Home Away yet it would not accept it. I contacted Discover and they confirmed my account is in good standing and it would have accepted the transaction. They reported the transaction was never received by them. So the issue was at your site, not Discover’s. Is this a ploy to keep customers from using Discover? I will report this suspicion to Discover and let them investigate.


I agree, the fees are excessive and need to be more transparent.

So easy and user friendly to use!

I love the HomeAway app. I have rented now 6 places, not one bad experience and the owners have been very accommodating and friendly to work with! Will continue to use HomeAway for our vacationing plans!

Easy to use

Fast, easy and dependable!❤️

Hidden Fees

None of the prices shown are the actual price. Everything doubles or triples when you go to book. No way to compare prices either so you’re stuck starting to book each and every listing to see the price.

Home Away Complaint Response

We rented an apartment in Paris from Home Away. Everything was fine until we got there and discovered many problems. I immediately contacted the manager and while courteous, was unwilling or unable to address basic problems. Having filled out the Home Away complaint form in detail, the site said it failed to send and to call them at a U.S. phone number—from France. So far there has been no resolution to my issues. I get the strong sense the Home Away is an organization totally committed to support of the owner and provides no benefit to the renter. I have rented from other organizations with no similar problem. I feel cheated.

Cannot book online or the app

I have tried many times the past two days to book a property through the website and the app. The first time my credit card was charged 4 times! But the reservation was not completed. I called support and was routed through two people in a fifteen minute period and they had the same problem as I did and told me they could not do any more to help. I tried again this morning, still the same! have booked many properties through vbro in the past. Seems like they need to fix their system processing and their customer support!

Poor treatment of property owners

Homeaway and VRBO (private companies) were wonderful, transparent, honest sites until Expedia bought each company . If you think they treat the customers’ without respect, you should see how they treat the owners’ of the the properties. I’m daughter and I had properties in New Orleans, La. the pulled our properties off of their site and would not tell us why. Just puff, our properties were remover for no reason. We both had great reviews, We had return visitors year after year, beautifully decorated houses and they just pulled us off their site. Expedia has one of the worst travel Web sites. If you look them up, Expedia has bought many small companies and has ruined them all.

The Homeaway App is Great

The HomeAway app is a great way to search for and book properties to stay at overseas. I love that you can search by a map view. Being able to have a description an$ reviews to read helps a lot in making a selection.

Bed bugs

We stayed at Solare Tower room 706 and I woke up to multiple above bed bugs and blood stains on my sheets. When we reported it and employees came to inspect they found more bed bugs crawling around and they took pictures as well. I have video and photos. We came from San Antonio to celebrate my uncle’s 45th birthday and it was ruined because of this experience. There were no other vacancies so we had to find other lodging on our own and were turned away by many places because we only needed two days now and most will only rent for a 3 day stay. We spent hours looking for new lodging. I have bed bug bites on my body and scalp. My mother also has bed bug bites on her body. My uncle’s partner also has bed bug bites on her body. I already have sleep issues and this experience has aggravated those issues. Now I’m afraid to sleep at our next rental because I’m afraid of bed bugs. I’m also concerned about the three households that we will return to. Will we bring bed bugs back home with us? I hope not, but it’s possible. We, a family of four had to inspect every article of clothing and spend hours in limbo. We didn’t have a place to stay. Staff was unhelpful. We had to find a new place on our own. Our first trip to Padre was ruined because of this experience. We drove five hours to get bit by bed bugs.

HomeAway’s App Inaccurate list of available units

To whom it may concern: I attempted to rent a 1 bedroom condo unit from Inna in La Quinta, CA for the period of January 29 to February 12, 2019, as it appeared available. After submitting information and committing to rent that unit, I got an email from Inna who said the unit recently had been rented; that was last weekend. Yet, today, 9/26, that same unit continues to appear as being available for even a lower rent for the same period on the HomeAway app. So, either the HomeAway app is misleading in terms of what units are actually available or Inna has misrepresented the availability of the unit that I sought to rent from her for the period noted above. Please respond. Thanks for your time and efforts here. Brian Sweeney

Rocky Creek Cabin.

Absolutely beautiful. The owners have thought of everything for a comfortable stay. The cabin is super clean. (I am a clean freak so this meant a lot to me) down to the smallest little details. This was our first trip without kids or grandchildren in 30 years and we were not disappointed. The view is breathtaking. So relaxing. The bed was so comfortable you just didn’t want to get up. We will definitely be back. My absolute favorite smell in the world is fresh wood and that is exactly what I smelled when I first walked in. The fire pit and waterfall on the patio was mesmerizing. Can’t say enough about this beautiful peace on earth. God bless

Added Fees

Required to either pay for insurance or a $1,500 refundable damage deposit on TOP of the standard owner damage deposit. Customer service says it’s the owners request, owner says it’s VRBO/HomeAway. Either way are just added costs.

Does NOT help you resolve problems

Definitely will not use this app again. Whatever you agree on originally in your payment, the owner as well as the company will not do anything to help you. They will keep your refund which is what they did to us and will say it’s for other reasons. We took our loss and moved on from there.

What a view!!!

Had a family reunion in September and everything was perfect! Enjoyed the open kitchen, dining and livingroom. Master suite is amazing. Beds were so comfortable and kitchen was nicely stocked. What a pleasure and what a pristine location!

Why enter dates if they’re ignored?

I enter dates and look at my results on a map. Then when I choose a property (which is hard to do because I can’t tell from the nightly rate how much it’ll *actually* cost), it makes me check if the property is available for my dates?!? Garbage.

Cost per night not accurate

I am trying to search for properties and the cost per night listed is wildly different than the actual per night cost (and that’s excluding the fees added). I have to stop using the app because it’s so cumbersome to get to the final price.


This site is very easy to navigate. Have used it for years without a problem with anyone we have rented from.

Fees are not upfront

This app should divulge fees before someone has to get nearly to completion. That’s a bit deceptive.

Ask about Cleaning

We did not know until payment was made and check in that we had to clean our own unit. This meant washing and drying towels and sheets of all beds and rooms before trying to catch a flight.

Wonderful house to rent in amazing owner to get in touch with

This was a great house to enjoy at the end of a long day on the lake. We could clean up and relax and have space for children as well as adults can visit in the backyard. Didi was the perfect host for this home and I am so appreciative of that.

Love love love

Great app! Great way to look at a home away from home!


Doesn’t say this condor has free parking. How much per night for parking? Is there a parking lot available?


VBRO/HomeAway misrepresents the properties. I've rented 4 times. Basically the properties tend to have systems not in working order and repair people are not available until after our departure times. It's a cynical approach to running a business as it's obvious the hot tub, dishwasher, whatever has not worked in ages. Doubt we were the first to point this out. Also property cleanliness ranges from filthy to barely ok.

Fees, fees, fees and a few more!

Long time user of HomeAway and vrbo (same owners). But not any more. Fees are out of control and often cost more than the actual per night fee to stay somewhere. Also app shows average per night instead of rate per night for the dates that are entered. App works fine, this rating is low only because of the outrageous fees they add in. See ya!

Great weekend!

This is such a lovely home. The location was perfect. Our family thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Highly recommend.

Lots to choose from

This app seems to have more to choose from than the other apps. This will be my first choice from now on


I had some connections issues with the app and even the web page, I had to wait to get home and use WiFi in order to finalize my reservation. Other than that, I really like this app and the service you guys provide

Love it!!

I have used this app for several bookings and I love it!! This makes it seamless to find and book your vacation spots!!

Additional filters

Please add items like balcony, distance to transportation (with additional filter fir airport, bus, ferry, train, etc.) to help select appropriate property that meets traveler’s needs.

Easy to Use!

We truly enjoy using HomeAway to book our adventure get always! HomeAway is easy to use with a variety of home with prices to fit every budget!

Good variety of rental options

We’ve been using HomeAway for a few years and have enjoyed each unit we have rented. We appreciate HomeAway’s guarantee, luckily have never had to use it. Owners we have rented from have all been very helpful with any issues-which has always been very rare. Good variety of rentals available.


Observation!!! Puerto Rico does not apear as part of the states or territories. Please advise.

Awesome and helpful

This app is very helpful! The map option and immediate booking makes it as easy as booking an hotel. I use it 6 times per year at minimum! Thank you!

Pricing is off

Some units says a price then change once you actually go to book a room. Very misleading


always made easy. i have experienced no issues and i use them all the time

Never disappointed!

We have been using home away for years! Florida Europe California now Caribbean ! Never ever been disappointed. I couldn’t say the same for the main competitor!! I would never use another rental agency than home away!

Fees are Outrageous

No matter how short our trips are, we end up paying more in fees added on by Homeaway than what it would actually cost to stay the duration of our trip.

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